"Privilegevida" Report on the Mark of Love

MAD18 Large Service

The 1st Mark of Love Charity Creation Competition in Hong Kong "Shoot, Film, and Paint"-Winners

MC Ingrid Letter to MC

MC Ingrid converted into this song . The song expresses her strong, simple and lovely appreciation for the children in the mountains. The song also expresses that the simple life is Happy!

The 1st "Mark of Love" Charity Creation Competition in Hong Kong

The first "Mark of Love" charity creation competition in Hong Kong is now officially launched!

Power of Love has launched an annual coloring, drawing, video, and photography contest since 2019. Not only can we use Hong Kong people's artistic creativity to record the most beautiful and touching moments about health, sports, the elderly, homes, and campuses, but also let participants experience the infinite possibilities of art and love through the creative process. It is estimated that more than 8,000 works will be collected, and the works can be directly donated to more care objects of the society, including children from low-income families and elderly people who continue to contribute to society. We look forward to stimulating all levels of society to deepen connections, care and sharing through this annual event.